Why Develop Your Emerging Leaders

At the time when a one year old child has learned they can reach their hand out to ask for something, the first thing we teach them as parents is to say please. Then when they get what they asked for we teach them to say thank you. We do this to teach them how to be respectful so they will be respected. Because trust and respect by others is earned.

Jump ahead 25 years and that same child is now placed in a leadership role for your organization. They need to earn the trust and respect of their team but trust and respect is earned, so how do you plan to help them achieve it? Other character competencies will be demanded of this new leader as well. They will need develop into a leader who can communicate and manage conflict, demonstrate and lead with accountability and hold others accountable, and develop a courageous confidence because they started on the path of trust and respect from the beginning.

For your emerging leaders to earn trust and respect, they have to be trustworthy and respectable. For them to tap the power of accountability, they first have to be accountable. To throw them into the leadership fire without giving them the tools and the mindset to be successful can be a path to long term destruction and the loss of a valuable contributor to the organization. Help them, grow them, and teach them how to be effective leaders so they develop into an asset for the organization, not a liability.