Getting Into Leadership Shape®

getleadershipshapepicGetting Into Leadership Shape® – The Public Program – One Day



Learn how to:

  • Become A More Impactful Leader
  • Strengthen Relationships
  • Improve Trust And Respect
  • Communicate And Manage Conflict Better
  • Hold Yourself And Others More Accountable

The revolutionary Employers Edge Getting Into Leadership Shape for “emerging leaders”, supervisors and managers helps people in the workplace develop the skills necessary to effectively lead and work with others. Through interactive coaching groups and experiential learning activities, participants master four core competencies from the book “Getting into Leadership Shape” by Ed Beard and Janet McCracken.

Participants are asked to complete the ProfileXT assessment prior to the training. In the training session, participants will gain an awareness about how others in the workplace perceive their leadership strengths and weaknesses. In addition, participants will participate in 14 exercises that will help them improve courageous confidence, trust and respect, communication, conflict management skills, and accountability.

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