Train The Trainer And Soft Copy License

The Need for Talent Development:

The proverb “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink,” has been in continuous use since the 12th century. It is something that is said when you show people the way to do something, but cannot force them to act after that. Training and deploying internal trainers and coaches to drive transformation, sustained improvement in performance, and dedication in the individual is an effective means for companies to overcome this resistance and allows the corporation to “lead the horse to water and make him “want” to drink.”

To effectively roll out an internal training and coaching program these concerns have to be addressed and goals for the program need to be defined.

Some questions that need to be considered include:

  • How will you get buy-in from senior leadership?
  • How will you formalize the choosing of internal trainers and/or coaches?
  • How will they be trained and who will train them?
  • How will the trainers be evaluated?
  • What tools, resources and support will be made available to trainers/coaches to use in their identifying client needs and developing them?
  • How will this training and coaching be tied to the leadership development strategy?
  • What will be the main purpose of training and coaching?
  • How has training and/or coaching traditionally been perceived in the company (favorably, negatively)?
  • What is the frequency of this training? Of the coaching?
  • Is there going to be an effort to measure ROI?
  • What outcomes will be looked at?
  • What are the confidentiality boundaries for internal trainers and coaches?


There has to be a strategic approach to linking people issues to business and organizational outcomes. The challenge is that HR and Training departments are not always properly staffed nor do they have the time to train and coach in every skill or competency. This magnifies the strategic need to identify, train and develop an internal cadre of trainers and coaches to aid in the leadership, management, team, and sales development of employees.

Bringing out and increasing the skills and confidence of leaders to engage in coaching conversations with their people is paramount to increasing the effectiveness of the organization. There is an old saying that if you truly want to learn something, the best way is to teach it. By teaching leadership, team, and sales skills to management staff, it helps build their own leadership capabilities. Creating a leaders developing leaders culture is one way to unleash the power of purpose in leaders and enhance the ability of leaders to improve employee productivity and satisfaction.


Train the Trainer does work! Of particular significance is the improvement in profitability for a business. Internal coaches and trainers are able to identify more with their participants and span the bridge between management and employees. The other benefit is that all members of the organization are impacted by the development process through better leadership, business acumen, performance and morale.

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