With our wide variety of products addressing every stage of the employee lifecycle, you are sure to find a solution that meets your needs. We have recently augmented our product line with new hiring and development tools called Talent Traits™, and Talent Traits 360™, as well as continuing to offer the established ProfileXT® and others. The overviews described below will help you determine which products afford the best fit for your company. And, as always, we are available for a free consultation to help you navigate the resources available. Just call 303-708-8160.

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Talent Traits™, though new to the market, is established on proven science for assessment data and metrics, but adds the nuances that fit today’s culture, including the availability of taking the assessment on a mobile device. It simplifies the process by providing some swipe technology for ease in answering many questions. Millennials, Xgens, and other contributing members of the workforce are included in the validation studies most recently conducted in 2016 for 17-70 year old participants.

The Talent Traits™ assessment measures how well an individual fits a specific job, role, and/or the culture of your organization. This assessment reveals consistent, in-depth, and objective insight into an individual’s thinking and reasoning style, success pattern behavioral traits, professional culture fit traits, and occupational interests. The “success pattern” feature of the Talent Traits™ assessment enables you to evaluate an individual relative to the qualities required to successfully perform a specific job and allows you to validate their fit against existing high performers in the same role. It helps your managers interview and select people who have the highest probability of being successful in a role, and provides practical recommendations for coaching them to maximum performance.

Key components of this assessment include:

  • Scores are normalized against the working population so you know how you compare to others not just how you see yourself.
  • Develop customizable success patterns to determine the range of acceptable behaviors in a position and validate it against your high performers.
  • Understand candidate motivation and leverage their interests to keep them happy and engaged.
  • Includes distortion score to measure candor. Be confident the results are accurate.
  • Over 10 reports are available allowing you to choose the format that best supports your professional needs.

You can customize the Talent Traits™ assessment according to job description, cultural fit, and other employee position criteria which will help to:

  • Save time during the hiring process
  • Create an efficient and effective hiring process
  • Select the right fit for a job
  • Avoid costly hiring mistakes
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Improve the new employee on-boarding experience
  • Coach and manage employees based upon their unique learning abilities, personality, and job interests.
  • Build teams effectively by hiring complimentary skill sets as well as help the team understand each other’s’ differences which will lead to more trust and improved communication.

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Talent Traits 360™ is the rising star in 360 evaluations because it specifically isolates the areas of development and critical factors of importance to management in evaluating a candidate. This leadership assessment tool is used primarily to evaluate the skills and effectiveness of your managers and leaders. Talent Traits 360™ measures a variety of professional proficiencies, encouraging open and honest feedback in order to facilitate the creation of an actionable development plan.

Key components of the Talent Traits 360™ are:

  • Up to 45 participants in 3 major groups as well as 2 supervisors
  • Easy to read reporting
  • Confidentiality assured with feedback questions
  • Mobile friendly design engineered for today’s mobile workforce
  • Defined leadership criteria for the most effective identifying of critical needs

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