How much time are your “non-selling” professionals spending in front of the customer? Do they know how to identify client needs and recognize opportunities within your current clients?

Are your accredited professionals like CPA’s and engineers, or technical staff, branch managers, product or project managers helping your sales people sell.…or slowing them down?

Clients will only buy solutions to their problems. Sales and support staff waste too much time trying to close a sale that never got explored correctly. Knowing and understanding your closing ratio’s (# of times in front of a client per invoice) will tell you how effective your sales and support staff are at identifying opportunities and presenting solutions that meet client needs.

With a new perspective on training non-selling staff to support sales better and teaching sales professionals to ask better questions and identify needs, The Employers Edge offers a one day public program or can create a customized 2 day program complete with real customer scenario’s to help teams practice together.


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