Traditional leadership training tends to provide great value by teaching leaders large and encompassing leadership concepts. However, leaders also need to know how to handle challenges or take advantages of opportunities right here and now.

Technique #1 of 6: Be The Last Thoughtful Person

Situation: There are times when leaders want to jump in and give people the answer to a question or a solution to a problem. On the surface this is great but it steals the chance for people to develop and grow by solving their own problems, robs the individual of necessary critical thinking, and enables idle minds.
Solving the teams problems is a particular challenge for leaders who are super competent and very accountable. The process doesn’t move fast enough for them so they jump in and take care of it.
When the team and it’s individuals have to solve their own problems and derive their own solutions they also promulgate buy in. The team develops a collaborative dynamic and becomes self reliant leaving the leader to tend to more strategic initiatives.
Good leaders let individuals and teams develop their own plans and solutions. When all has been discussed, then the leader can jump in to formalize missing parts to the goals and wrap up a few details. Be the last thoughtful person.


Technique #2 of 6: Why To What

Situation: Helping leaders keep their composure when things didn’t go as expected.
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