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A Better Fit for Executive Search

  • Our Focus is Development, Not Just Search

  • Our Guarantee is Culture, Manager, and Job Fit, Not Just Search

  • Our Expertise is Objective Data through Advanced Assessment Tools and Techniques, Not Just Search

  • Our Objective is Successful Integration into the Job and Culture that Results in Organizational Growth and Prosperity

A successful executive search should place the emphasis on the “successful” rather than on the “search”.  Finding the right candidate to join your leadership team should place more importance on the “right” rather than the “candidate”.  At The Employers Edge, we don’t just place a good candidate, then rely on hope for his or her success.

Here is what we do that makes us different from the rest:


  • We send to the Hiring Manager, our Job Analysis Questionnaire to complete in order to develop competencies needed for the position.

  • We create the job description (unless you already have one).

  • We create a ProfileXT Performance Model by assessing the Hiring Manager (boss of candidate), other successful employees in similar positions, and reviewing the Job Analysis Questionnaire.

  • We interview the Hiring Manager once we have received the assessments.

  • We assess all final candidates and present the data to the Hiring Manager.


  • We develop the search strategy and have you approve a list of potential candidates through our creative analysis of competitors, industry related fields, referrals, social media, advertising, associations, directories, networking, etc.

  • We create a “behavioral-based” interview Script from the developed competencies and culture fit that we use when interviewing candidates.

  • We conduct in-depth interviews face to face or through online video and provide written interview reports to HR or the hiring manager.

  • We provide a “Search Status Report” every other week to HR or the Hiring Manager.

  • We conduct between 3 and 6 reference check interviews to determine past performance of each candidate and provide a detailed, written report.

  • We cover all administrative costs which include candidate reports, networking, search sites, and advertising.

  • We provide two guarantees:  1) We offer a Six Month to One Year guarantee that for any reason, if the candidate quits or gets fired that we will replace the candidate free of charge and 2) That we will never search for candidates within our customer base for a minimum of 3 years from the last client service delivery of any kind.


  • We provide an Executive Management Report that identifies management coaching suggestions and developmental needs of the selected candidate in order to position them for success.

  • We meet with the new employee (selected candidate) and the Hiring Manager and/or executive team to socialize and identify critical elements of communication, motivation, accountability and 90 day performance expectations.

  • In order for the candidate to lead effectively, we offer the candidate our nationally recognized Train the Internal Coach™ free of charge. ($2,000 value)

  • Six months after the hire, we conduct a 360 Degree Leadership Survey and deliver a 2 hour coaching session to identify success perspectives and/or development needs, as well as a development plan moving forward.

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