Pre-Approved for 13 SHRM Credits.

Pre-Approved for 13 SHRM Credits.

Train The Coach®

Providing coaching tools and training to executives, leaders, managers, and HR professionals to help them mentor and coach their employees to improve performance and accountability.

Learn how to:

Engage, coach and develop your staff for greater productivity.

  • Listening Exercises
  • Questioning Exercises
  • Accountability Exercises
  • Motivational Techniques and Exercises

Equip your teams to build trust, communication, accountability, and improve results.

Implement a formal coaching and mentoring approach to support team development.

Use our 12 proven coaching reproducible exercises such as:

Train The Coach®

The revolutionary Employers Edge 2-day Train the Coach® training program will equip you and/or your managers to improve individual employee performance.

Train the Coach® is available in 2 ways:

  • As an on-site (at your facility) program for your managers conducted by The Employers Edge.
  • As a “public” program held at The Employers Edge corporate location. Participants will become certified to coach their staff and other team members around the Employers Edge development modules.
  • Pre-coaching checklist
  • Delegation Log
  • Interpretation Exercise
  • Response Tracker
  • Stressors Worksheet
  • High Pay-off Activity Exercise
  • Trust and Respect Questionnaire
  • 90 Day New Employee Checklist
  • Negative Feedback Exercise