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“Employers Edge’s Professional Development Program has taught me how to be a more efficient, accessible leader of influence.  My Coach was completely straightforward regarding my weaknesses, and I appreciated her directness.  Quite simply, their program showed me where to improve and how to improve.

_Chuy Gonzalez, Vice President, Ducommun Technologies, Inc.

Through the Employers Edge Assessment to help us hire better employees, and their management team, team and sales training programs, we have succeeded in increasing revenues and profits by over 30%.

Brad Pratts, Sales Manager, Cosby Fuels

“Employers Edge has great tools to use in the hiring process. They also an excellent business coaches.”

 -Tom Clancy, CEO, SoPack Rail

“Janet is passionate, knowledgeable, and is an expert in her field. Her consultative expertise and insight have helped us to make good decisions about how to best utilize the tools that she offers to make good hiring decision. She is also a very fun person to work with and her energetic drive is contagious!”

Kathy Kwon, MA,  SPHR, AAA

“Employers Edge tailors there training to match the group’s needs. They put in extra one-on-one time when it is needed and are very results minded.”

 -Boyd Zach, CEO, RBZack

“The Employers Edge staff are true experts as trainers, coaches, and management consultants. they understand people, organization dynamics and how to effect change. They are  just a pleasure to work with!”

Carolyn Goldsberry, VP, Human Resources, Lawry’s Restaurants, Inc.

“Employers Edge, Inc. helped us create a performance management system in our business. Their work with us laid the groundwork for better communication and accountability.”

– Brian Talley, Owner, Talley Farms/Talley Vineyards
“I have had multiple occasions to use Janet’s training and profiling services. Her vast knowledge of human behavior literally changed the way I view myself, my employees, and the way I do business. The growth I have experienced personally as a direct result of the discovery and understanding of behavior has been amazing. I would recommend her without reservation or hesitation as being an asset that can transform individuals and business operations.”

– Mark Coudray, Principal, Coudray Graphic Technologies

“Janet and I worked together on an Executive RoundTable of about 15 members. Janet’s expertise on organizational development and individual behavior and psychology was always evident in her assessment of situations, motivations, and behavior. Her observations and suggestions were always listened to carefully by all in attendance. I would highly recommend Janet and Employers Edge to any organization that wants to improve its ability to perform, achieve significant results, and have lots of fun and satisfaction in the process.”

– Hayden Claisse, President, Calmont Wire & Cable

“Multiple exposure to Employers Edge over a period exceeding 15 years has shown that they are hands on, good listenesr, and very effective at coaching people from staff employees to executives. They give freely of their time and always strive for optimum results in my experience. I recommend them to business colleagues with personnel challenges regularly.”

– Bill Breyer, CEO, Ward/Davis Associates
“Employers Edge has an uncanny knack for solving personnel problems and coaching executives and sales people—from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. We use them regularly for pre-hire and employee testing, HR troubleshooting, and training. No matter how sticky the situation, Employers Edge always has the solution that is innovative, fair, and sensible. Many presidents/CEOs I know wouldn’t make a management-level hire without their insight. The staff stability, high productivity, and positive atmosphere at Rose Publishing owes much to her advice.”

– Gretchen Goldsmith, President/CEO, Rose Publishing, Inc.
“Thank you Employers Edge for helping us improve trust, communication, and accountability within our executive team, and with the management teams in our divisions. Your customized process of addressing our specific challenges made the measurable difference.”

Suzanne Deremo, VP of Human Resources, RCR Companies“Participation in the CEO roundtable and the Employers Edge training within my organization has helped us become a corporation that continuously delivers high-quality products to our customers, and ensures employee satisfaction and retention. Because of your management training and team development, our employees have goals that are aligned with the overall organization and are meeting their quarterly measurements thanks to your ‘accountability’ approach.”

Tom Stewart, Owner, Stewart Filmscreen

“I have attended a number of management training programs over the years, but none had the impact on me than Employers Edge’s Professional Development Program.  All the other managers had nothing but praise for this program as well.”

Rick Perry, Applied Graphics Technology

“By applying the Employers Edge’s assessment system and business model, we have received significant benefits because it: is inherently unique and insightful; takes away the guesswork by supplying quantifiable data based on our organization’s needs and culture; and gives us a proactive approach to hiring and managing people to be top performers, which minimizes our time and financial resources commitment.”

Nader Ghaemmaghami, Phenomenex, Inc.

“As the class dates came and gone, I found myself changing in my approach toward my customers. My original expectations of reaching my goals were not very optimistic. After finishing the class and growing as a sales person, my average increase per customer was 19% – 30%. I would have never imagined I would get the ideas and abilities I gained from taking the Employers Edge SalesPro program.”

– Richard Torress, Todd Pipe & Supply

“For more than a year now Employers Edge has been working with me and my people to develop us into a professional sales organization. The results over this time have been amazing. Objectively, our sales have increased over 25% however subjectively, the added bit of professionalism has carried over into our regular routine of doing business and it shows! Our customers are responding positively and the entire staff seem to enjoy their workday life better.”

Paul Nelson, American Speedy Printing

“One of our assignments was to align our personal goals with the company’s vision. After speaking with the President of our company, I now know what the company expects. As a result, I have passed that vision on to fellow employees with an explanation they can understand. The most important thing I took away from the Employers Edge training is highly personal. One of the exercises we did struck close to me and has colored everything I have done since; I have changed my outlook dramatically.”

Brian Rubin, California Supply, Inc.

I found the Employers Edge course material to not only be relevant, as it was customized to meet the specific needs and challenges that my company faces, but it also provided me with the structure and tools that I needed to address situations more productively. The skills I learned in goal setting, effective problem solving, and delegation alone, helped me to recapture some of the precious hours that I was unknowingly losing every week.” 

– Todd Wylie, Somera Communications

“Our company gets a good return on investment from the Profile XT assessment provided by Employers Edge. We’ve found the product crucial in helping us promote retention and enhance productivity. Your assessments are an important part of our HR tool kit.”

– Tom Rose and Allan Cantor, Sun Life Financial

“A major benefit we continue to see is in the area of driver turnover. The American Trucking Association reported a national average of 109% turnover for medium sized carriers. Our Vice President recently attended a trucking symposium sponsored by our insurance carrier. When we reported our 17% from last year, we were met with looks of great disbelief. This benefit alone continues to save us thousands of dollars in recruitment and training costs. Thank you Employers Edge” 

– James Maloney, United Freight Service Inc.

“Step One Survey II has proved to be a useful tool in gauging employee work ethic, integrity and propensity to substance abuse. We use the test as part of the interview process. The face-to-face interview, reference checks and Step One test all play equal roles in determining the success of a candidate. We have determined that Step One is very accurate in identifying potential problem areas.”

– Margo Stewart, Human Resources Manager

“The Profile XT and Profiles Sales Indicator Assessment have enabled our company to benchmark the performance standards in our sales executives so that we can strive to hire the best most productive candidates in the shortest amount of time. It saves us about $45,000 each time we can avoid hiring the wrong person. In addition, the Internet application with onscreen administration, instant analysis and report generation makes administration very easy and efficient.”

– Aimee Hathaway, Human Resources Manager

“Our credit union looked for applicants that matched exactly what we wanted in a prospect. We use Profile XT, which helps in placement. These tools give us more information about prospective employees. 

– Karen Doyle, Colorado State Employees Credit Union

 “Profiles XT and Checkpoint 360 are the products we like to use for leadership development. These tools give participants insight into their own skills.”

– Michelle Hirsch, Whole Foods Market

“The Checkpoint 360 is the best product in this category that I’ve used. As you know, this tool replaced another product that we had been using exclusively for almost two years. The managers and executives at Spectrum Healthcare Services (SHS) receive more valuable information in an easy to read, color-coded format, which encompasses everyone’s individual learning style. Not only is there validated feedback, but a comprehensive action plan that each person may use to implement change, based on the facts from their customized report.”

– Patricia L. Keeley, Director, Training and Development

“My staff and I enjoy working with you and The Employers Edge. I’d also like to thank you for the great service you have given to our company. You make our hiring process much more efficient.”

– Pristine Mortgage