When Evaluating New Hire Candidates

What Evaluation Conversation Do You Normally Hear?

“Our assessment performance model study indicates the ideal level of “Take Charge” behavior for this position is between a 5-7. Dan scored a 5 so he fits nicely. We’re good.”
“I think we need somebody who can take charge but is not overbearing so they develop their people without offending them. It will cost us $50,000 to refill the position so we have to get this right. We want somebody who will hold people accountable but not avoid conflict or be demanding in a way that hurts morale. Managing conflict is really the biggest thing because we’ve wrestled with that. Dan says he will take charge so I guess he will. I mean, he took charge in the interview don’t you think? There were a couple of times he could have taken charge but didn’t, well in my opinion I mean. I’m a little worried about it but not super concerned. I think he’ll be okay. I didn’t get any red flags but you really never know about people until they’ve been on the job for a while. He says taking charge is one of his real assets as a leader and he gave me some solid examples. I say we take a chance on him.”
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