Training and Coaching Perceptions

Have you ever seen the initial rounds of American Idol, where the people auditioning think they are tremendously talented artists, but listening to them sing is actually brutal and they don’t even know it.  The Grand Canyon size chasm between the talent they think they have and the talent they really have is in itself entertaining.  As these singers have a misguided singing perception, trainers and coaches can have misguided training and coaching perception.

Trainers and coaches often have a heartfelt desire for training and coaching.  However, if not careful, training and coaching motivation and desire can be a substitute for training and coaching ability.  The trainer’s opinion of their training is predicated more on the excitement of being in front of the room leading a group of knowledge hungry managers into golden pond of realization than the actual real life result.  Don’t let your understanding of your training and coaching ability, be determined by your own perception of your training and coaching ability.  As this carries on over time, the trainer thinks they are doing a fantastic job because after all, nobody said otherwise.

As a trainer, have feedback mechanisms in place so course corrections are revealed sooner rather than later.  True, the news may not always be what you want, but it is always good.  Don’t fall victim to the American Idol effect where people have lived on for years with the false notion of a well honed ability for training and coaching when it really isn’t true.