Change How You Change

Some people go to a different doctor every time the need arises, and some people have gone to the same doctor for 20 years and have no plans on changing that habit.  That very same person who refuses to change doctors may change their furniture arrangement in their home every thirty days with no problem.  Many people live by a predictable schedule everyday, and asking them to change it would envoke more fear than kissing a cobra, yet they unknowingly change the path they take with every visit to the grocery store.  Why is that.  Why do people never change yet change all the time.

Change reluctance is often directly related to the size, speed, capability, and need one has to accomplish the change.  Here is the key, all four of these are subject to interpretation.  What is big and fast for some people, is minor and slow for others.  They interpret the change differently.  The insight here is that if you want people to change, give them the interpretations you want them to have because if you leave the change interpretaions up to them, then anything goes.  Lets take a look at how to affect the change interpretations so you might change how you change.