A View of the Business

A view of the business sometimes requires getting away from the business.  This past weekend, a group of us rode motorcycles up some high mountain trail to the continental divide, elevation 12,154 ft.  It’s not only a different world above the timberline, but it’s a world of unmatched views, fresh air, and a blue in blue sky’s that just can’t be found down below.  What also adds joy to being there is that the beauty, peace, and freedom causes a mind shift.  It causes one to lapse into a day dream of connected ideas as you start to review your life, and see a very clear view of your business.

Here’s the thing, the places to go that offer 12,000 ft. views are few and far between, and they are hard to get to.  Life isn’t just going to hand you this view.  It takes the right vehicle, time, courage, risk and persistence.  In the process of climbing to this view, you will hit multiple obstacles and fall off your motorcycle; you will cross streams and lose your balance on the slick rocks.  You will have to add power to scale undaunting boulders when intuition tells you to turn around and go home, today is not the day.  Regardless, you continue because of that view that is burning in your mind, and needs to become a reality.

The business of training and coaching, and the world of entrepreneurship is identical to that climb.  You must have the right vehicle, expect to hit obstacles and fall over, know ahead of time you will be tested to just give up and go home, and expect to lose traction and spin your wheels.  Above all, you will have to show courage, risk your pride,  and do things you don’t want to do.  The difference is that riding to the top of a mountain takes only hours, but riding to the top of your business takes years, but it’s just as intense.  That view of your business is there.  It’s as real as standing on a 12,000 ft pass, but that isn’t the question.  The real issue, is will you locate the path to get there, and then endure what is thrown at you.