Employers Edge is a team of dedicated, experienced and skilled professionals who are long-term trusted partners to our clients. Our methods, products, and services are tailored to the specific performance  needs of each organization and employee. We take pride in working with our clients to customize solutions that deliver the optimum result for the organization and its people.

Some of our customizable products/services include:

Surveys & Assessments

— For employee awareness and team development, hiring, and “right-sizing”. How do you know if you have the right people? In the right jobs? How do you know what direction to take the organization? How do you make training more effective? How do you build the most effective teams? How do you know the impact of your actions?

Strategic Planning

— For goal alignment and organization change. Does your business model work in today’s economy? Is your vision, mission, goals, values clearly identified and communicated to the employees? Do all your employees have goals that are in alignment with the overall organizational goals? Are your employees spending time doing activities that will help the organization reach its annual goals?

Training & Development

— For improved employee learning, performance and results. Do your people know their strengths and weaknesses? Are you offering training that leads to behavior change? Is your training specific to the needs of your people? How do you know if your training is impacting the bottom line?

Coaching & Feedback

— For accountability and behavior change. Are employees receiving honest, direct, and respectful feedback about their work performance and the impact it has on the organization? Does the organization set people up to win by communicating clear expectations with specific suggestions of actions that lead to better results?

Performance Management

— For improved management of employee goals and performance expectations. Is your organization reaching its strategic plan? Does it have the right process or system in place that enables leadership to achieve expected and desired results from the people and resources under them. Are your employee performance reviews effective?