Lorenzo Jones


Northern California Operations

Employers Edge, Inc.


Ph: 415-652-7627

Lorenzo Jones is a professional certified life and business coach, speaker, facilitator, consultant, trainer and executive. With more than 20 years of experience, Lorenzo is committed to creating a positive learning environment and building a high degree of connection and trust with his clients. He is an intuitive, results-focused and open-minded coach/trainer who empowers individual and organizational strengths by motivating people to greater productivity and connecting them to their purpose, while fostering life balance. His proven approach has been recognized by clients such as Nike, Levi’s Strauss, Wells Fargo, BRE Properties Management, Hilton Hotels, and Verizon Wireless.

As a strong interpersonal communicator, he has consistently built rapport in talent initiatives. His goal is simple: To invite people into the heart of transformation by creating a connection with their passion, their purpose and their unlimited potential. Repeated enough times with the right people and the organization becomes driven by performance. As a life and business coach, he believes there is no separation between who a person is at work and who they are in their personal life. His approach is to provide people with the tools and strategies to process, create, and clarify a whole life plan!

Testimonial comments from clients:

“Lorenzo Jones has been hired by BRE to guide managers and their teams through challenges team members faced with colleagues, internal and external customers. Lorenzo has successfully bridged the gaps in each of the Regional Teams through his coaching techniques and team building workshop practices. The impact of his coaching abilities has resulted in creating a successful, cohesive team environment”

“Lorenzo is a genius at marketing! He really honed in on the key aspects of our business to help us identify our brand better – all in an effective and timely manner. He is inspirational, stays on target, and really was so effective in motivating us to implement our marketing strategy. He understands people first, which is his biggest asset. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to strategize and think outside the box for your business. Thanks Lorenzo!”

“Lorenzo Jones is a dynamic and positive leader, committed coach and focused partner. He’s an accomplished professional who cares deeply about people, their success and the lasting contribution each of us makes.”

“When I enlisted Lorenzo’s assistance to help me clarify career goals, little did I know the great impact he would have over all areas of my life. He’ll push you. He walks the talk and lives life with ease and elegance. I admire him as a coach, as a person and a friend. I commend and recommend Lorenzo without reservation, to anyone seeking a life/professional coach’

“With innate wisdom on how to approach challenges, coupled with coaching-based models and proven strategies, he armed me with countless tools to help through life’s trials and events.”