Communication is a beautiful and enriching thing.  It is also a frustrating and complex thing.  It can be your best tool and your worst enemy.  Ultimately, the essence and tone of COMMUNICATION in your organization is determined by its leaders and consequently duplicated throughout all other subsequent levels.  Employers Edge offers two programs that will help management and functional teams work through problems and goals to achieve better results.

Teamwork: Builders and Blockers

Are team members aligned and rowing in the right direction? Are team members accountable for results? We offer team development by addressing the blockers or builders to team success. Teams that don’t TRUST one another will not effectively engage in unfiltered debate that effectively leads to successful COMMUNICATION. When issues that arise and conflict is not addressed, team members are unable to buy-in to the teams direction thus resulting in a lack of team ACCOUNTABILITY. Without accountability systems in place, teams will often place blame on others or use excuses to avoid be responsible for expected outcomes. This leads to poor EXECUTION which requires understanding roles and responsibilities, goals and priorities, and performance management. Teamwork – Builders and Blockers program outline and modules

Strategy Management for Teams

In today’s economy, companies must engage their management and functional teams by focusing them on accomplishing bottom line results.  However, it is often the team dynamics that clouds the ability for the team to focus on reaching goals.  Helping teams improve their team trust, communication, accountability, planning and execution skills will increase the chance of the team getting better results.  Strategy Management for Teams is a proven training and change management process that facilitates teams through a goal setting and team efficiency process.  With focus on improving team trust, COMMUNICATION, goal planning and accountability, teams are guaranteed improved results that will impact the company’s bottom line. Strategy Management For Teams Outline

Why is the concept of effective communication within and throughout an organization so crucial?  Communication in the workplace is, or should be, the principal medium of implementation.  Whether it is in following an instruction or participating in dialogue, there remains a high level of disconnect between employees in any work setting.  Unquestionably, company efficiency, harmony and bottom line contribution could be appreciably elevated by merely improving the effectiveness of communication.  Communication Module Outline

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