Work Should Be A Beautiful Place

If you want to get the absolute best an employee has to give to the organization, start by putting that employee in a beautiful place.  Start by thinking that the job the organization relies on them to do is not just a job. It is the right job and is such a good match with one’s natural gifts, that the employee perceives their place in the organization as a beautiful place.   When people are in their beautiful place, a place that fits their natural gifts, the connection to a purpose is so powerful that an elevated performance is literally the only outcome. When people are in their beautiful place they just perform without having to be told to perform because that’s what is special about a beautiful place.  The effort is free flowing because effort is worth it. People care without being told to care. People take initiative, offer solutions, broaden the options, drive innovation, and are more resilient when living in their uniquely beautiful place.

For some parents, being with their child is such a beautiful place that they endure hardship, risk, and pain to be with that child.  The child is absolutely that beautiful. So why can’t work be that beautiful. Is it possible that an individual could be is such a right role for the right reason that they never lose focus on the goal in the midst of any and all obstacles.  What would performance look like then?


As a society, we have evolved this truth about success that a career means climbing a corporate ladder, overseeing big budgets, leading up a critical initiative, or winning in court.  But this often comes with misery and a fading away of one’s self identity. If the courtroom is your beautiful place then problem solved. But if an individual is not in a place they naturally gravitate to, then get real and understand they will need propping up forever more.  Why not instead bypass all of the anguish on the road to performance and just place people in the right job based on their natural gifts from the start.


We don’t often hear the term “beautiful place” in the business environment.  It’s hard to even say it and keep a confident professional posture. But every job, every role, every responsibility has a beauty to it, and if you match the role up with an individual who can see the beauty in it, watch out.  There are no limits to performance when somebody has the honor of living their work in a beautiful place.