Strategy Management for Teams

In today’s economy, companies must engage their management and functional teams by focusing them on accomplishing bottom line results.  However, it is often the team dynamics that clouds the ability for the team to focus on reaching goals.  Helping teams improve their team trust, communication, accountability, planning and execution skills will increase the chance of the team getting better results.  Teams that are willing to engage in productive conflict know that the purpose is to produce the best possible solutions the shortest amount of time.  They will discuss and resolve issues more quickly than others, and they will emerge from discussions with no residual feelings or collateral damage.

Strategy Management for Teams is a proven training and change management process that facilitates teams through a goal setting and team efficiency process.  With focus on improving team trust, communication, goal planning and accountability, teams are guaranteed improved results that will impact the company’s bottom line.

The Employers Edge offers a customized approach in its Strategy Management for Teams program which includes 5 modules that can be delivered in weekly ½ day sessions, or in a 2 or 3 day program or retreat (20-24 hours).  The process starts by interviewing key participants to identify the teams’ challenges and needs and administering the ProfileXT and team assessment.  strategy-management-for-teams-outline


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