Managing Change

Business expert, Peter Drucker once said, “We are entering a post capitalist era in which organizations will have to innovate quickly and be global.”  And while companies continue to merge, downsize and restructure to meet the challenges of globalized competition, the workforce must constantly adjust to the unpredictable, or face the consequences:  a shrinking market, dissatisfied customers and lower production.  Change has become a fact of corporate life, to be accepted and managed.

Managing Change also presents opportunities if an organization is prepared to see them, and the culture has the mindset to take advantage of them.  The process of change reveals market opportunities for new products and services.  It reveals organizational weakness that when fixed, improves competitive advantage, and change when managed well, promotes a culture accountability and trust.  Furthermore, managing organizational change will only be effective if set on a foundation of values that actually never change.

Strategy Management for Teams

is a proven training workshop revealing to the team their ability to manage change by developing a  process that facilitates teams through goal setting, empowerment, and team reliance. With focus on improving team trust, communication, accountability and execution, teams are guaranteed improved results that are sustainable, and will impact the company’s bottom line.  Strategy-Management-For-Teams-Outline

Leadership Edge

is a system of customizable learning modules designed to address specific leadership development needs of the organization’s managers. Through the use of a one-on-one coaching, feedback, and group training process, managers learn to hold each other accountable for their personal leadership development and achievement of their organizational and departmental objectives. Training subjects include Understanding Human Behavior, Motivating People, Responsibility Of A Leader, Coaching For Improvement, Effective Communication, Change Management, Managing Tasks and Responsibilities, Delegating, and Dealing with Difficult Employees.  Leadership Edge Module Outlines