You Want Leaders, But Do They Want You?

Did Von Miller join the cast of Dancing With The Stars to dance, have fun, get a little notoriety? Perhaps to some degree yes all the above, but make no mistake, Von Miller showed up to win because that is how winners think.  He looked at the leaders, the opportunity, and saw resources, a dedicated qualified coach to teach him, push him, and hold him accountable.  Like all winners do, he evaluated the commitment level of the Dancing With The Stars Program, and thought “these people can get me there”, and then signed up.

If a new leader (winner) looked at you and your organization,would they think “these people can get me there”?  Would they see a competent leadership team who will teach and invest in them?  If not, how do you expect to attract the winners because remember, that is how winners think.  If a winner were to ask about how you develop leaders in your organization, would you be able to give them an answer that would motivate them to sign up?  The cast of Dancing With The Stars didn’t likely tell Von – yeah, we’ve been meaning to develop a coaching program where everybody gets mentored towards success because we’ve always wanted to do that.  No, they can describe the virtues of their coaches, their coaching program with energy and confidence because they know that is what it takes to win, and winners sign up to win.  If you want leaders in your organization to sign up, then show them how they can win.