The Successful Sales Professional

What exactly is a Successful Sales Professional?  What separates the exceptional from the great, the great from good and the good from the mediocre?

Simply put, successful sales professionals know that there are five disciplines they must continually develop and manage.  they strive to manage their attitude, use of time, and client base and improve their sales skills and product/industry knowledge.

  • Attitude:  How we face our job and each daily activity is probably the most important attribute of a success salesperson.  Attitude is the motivating force behind our wanting to continue to do, and be, the best we can.
  • Time Management:  Good time managment means using time wisely.  For a salesperson, this means spending your time with clients and prospects.  These are the activities that result in sales and income.
  • Sales Skills:  Professional salespeople must continually search out, learn and apply effective sales skills.
  • Client Base:  Managing existing clients well results in repeat sales.  Professional salespeople understand the importance of adding new customers to their client list while remaining the number one choice of their existing clients.
  • Product/Industry Knowledge:  Knowledge is required to determine which of the products you make or services you offer would be of interest to your client.  Knowledge is needed to determine what type of apporach would best suit this prospect.  Knowledge must be specific.

As a profession, selling is one of the most exciting, rewarding careers any person can consider in the business world.  It is the epitome of the free enterprise system and spirit of competition.  In sales there are no boundaries, no ceilings.  Your success is directly related to the effort you put forth.  What are you doing to become a successful sales professional?