Step One Of Any Success?

Everything starts with a reason, it always does.  Every successful person who has started or grown a business made the move.  But it is very important to know why some people jump, and some people don’t.  The difference between people who have lived their awesome success and those who have fallen short and gave up is that successful who made the move because were intimately connected to their reason for making the move.  It is critical to know this because with business comes fears and frustrations.  If those fears and frustrations are bigger than the reason, then the move to be in your own business stops.  If the reason for being in business is bigger than the fears and frustrations, the business keeps going because there is a reason to endure and keep it going.

It’s your reason to be in your own coaching and training business that inspires courage.  It’s your reason that will drive innovation and determination.  It’s size of your reason that sets the bar for your successful attitude.  Every successful entrepreneur back to the beginning of time didn’t just have courage, determination, and a good attitude.  They had a huge reason to make the move and they were intimately connected to it with great clarity.  That clarity of reason is what separated them from the vast sea of people who tried and gave up.

Think now, what is your reason for putting your home on the market for collateral to start a business, going back to school at 60 years old, speaking up in a meeting to get noticed, or enduring criticism for your silly idea?  Why, why would you do that?  You will only make the move if you are crystal clear about your very big reason.

The question now is, is your reason bigger than your fear?