Leaders Can Derail!

How does this happen. You have a high level leader who has been with the organization a long time. Through ambition, hard work, and giving the company tremendous value, they have been promoted to an executive position. They walk into a meeting one day and say something really inappropriate and offensive to another team member. The rest of the people in the meeting are left dumfounded thinking “uh – seriously, you just said that”.

MORE INFORMATION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acjDwckRFf0

Sometimes leaders get disconnected with their core character competencies. As the body has to keep exercising to stay in physical shape, the mind has to keep exercising to stay in leadership shape with leadership exercises. If time on this earth kept you in shape, every sixty-five year old on the planet would be fit and healthy. But they aren’t. We all know how to exercise, how to use exercise equipment, and how to eat right but knowing it doesn’t mean you do it. Likewise, time does not keep a person in leadership shape. They know how to be leaders, but that doesn’t mean they do it. It takes a coach holding you accountable to get and stay in any kind of shape.

Because a leader in poor shape may not show outward signs of it every day, like putting on weight, they may not realize how their leadership cardio wanes and they don’t see their gradual character disconnects. The mistake they make is they think their years as a leader, their title, and their office on the top floor qualifies them as an in shape leader. Well if the work out facility was on the top floor would that make you in physical shape?

Staying in leadership shape takes continuous exercising with the right exercises for the right reason. That is how long time, awesome leaders stay disciplined enough to withhold inappropriate comments, and stay connected to the essential leadership character competencies.