Look Under The Hood Hiring

Look under the hood hiring is a bit like looking under the hood when you buy a vehicle.  You don’t want to get fooled by a nice shiny paint job with chrome wheels.   You know what’s under the hood is what matters and is expensive to fix.  So you have a professional look under that hood because you want to get past that nice shiny paint job and sparkly chrome, and really understand what it is you are getting.  People have nice shiny paint jobs also.  But do you want to hire a nice shiny paint job or do you want to hire people who you are certain will perform under stress at exactly the time they are expected to, and they won’t break down on the side of the road leaving you in a real bad situation.  You want to hook up some diagnostic equipment to that vehicle you are looking to buy and the people you are looking to hire, and let that assessment tell you some critical stuff that you need to know about them.

One way you look under the hood of people is to have them complete a good normative assessment with high data reliability.  You need to have that assessment tell you things and inspire questions that you would normally have never thought of asking because like diagnostic equipment on a vehicle, the report is telling you something that you better pay attention to.  Then once you figure out what is going on behind the shiny paint job, compare hiring candidates to other candidates to determine if they are just good, or are they the best of best.  Only a normative assessment allows you to set success patterns so you can compare candidates to other candidates and know with certainty that you are not settling for what appears to be good, but you are getting the best options available.  And you are predicting future performance by the most reliable means possible.


With both vehicles and people, that shiny paint job can fool even the best interviewers and recruiters.  You don’t just want good, you want to look under the hood, and let a hiring assessment tell you which candidates are the best of the best.