Embracing Coaching and the Use of Internal Coaches

At a time when company performance is coming under greater scrutiny, organizations are looking to embrace coaching and  build an internal core of coaches to drive change, development and results both now, in the present, and in the future.  Leadership development through coaching is becoming to companies what a coach is to sports.  Coaching is one of the requirements for winning.

The proverb “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink,” has been in continuous use since the 12th century. It is something that is said when you show people the way to do something, but cannot force them to act after that.  Training and deploying internal coaches to drive transformation, sustained improvement in performance, and dedication in the individual is an effective means for companies to overcome this resistance and allows the corporation to “lead the horse to water and make him “want” to drink.”

Many organizations use a “leaders developing leaders” approach in their leadership development.  Just having senior leaders/internal coaches play this coaching role speaks volumes about their commitment to improvement.  By teaching leadership skills to the management team, it helps build their own leadership capabilities.  Creating a coaching culture and a leader – as – coach mindset is one way to unleash the power of purpose in leaders and enhance the ability of leaders to improve employee productivity and satisfaction.

Internal Coaching does work.  Of particular significance in the improvement in profitability for a business.  When looking at the broader impact of the coaching; productivity; efficiency and impact on achieving goals was greatly enhanced.  The morale of those who trained as coaches as well as those coached has increased significantly, improving their overall job satisfaction.  Internal coaches are able to identify more with their coachees and span the bridge between upper management and employees.

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