Coaching Qualifications

In the art of karate, an orange belt is one step above a beginning white belt.  It is arguably the most dangerous belt to have because the student knows just enough feel overly confident, but not enough to really handle themselves in a street fight.  The orange belt student has learned some great technique, has put in some time, and has been promoted up from beginner status.  The challenge with this is their mindset forms a false belief that they have skills which will allow them to defend themselves.  So they get cocky and overly confident.  Then one day, a real life situation arrises, and they make bad decisions based on their false confidence.  They get pounded and find themselves in the emergency room.  They now realize that they didn’t really have what the fight called for.

Training and coaching can take on this same dynamic.  Orange belt trainers and coaches get out there believing they have skills to train and coach that they don’t really have.  They get into a real life situation and get pounded.  The training didn’t fly, the client is asking for their money back, and their business is sent to the emergency room.