Assess People to Honor Life

When you complete an interview with a new candidate, what is it you really know about them?  More importantly what behaviors don’t you know, how are those behaviors going to show up later, and how is that going to impact all kinds of things.  Don’t find yourself saying “that would have been a handy piece of information to have known pre-hire”.  Instead, use a good normative assessment like Talent Traits® to find out hidden behaviors before you make a job offer so you know the full scope of what and who you are hiring.

Imagine bringing the perfect dog home from the pet rescue.  The dog is playful, knows it’s commands, is good with the kids but you go out to get the mail and in sixty seconds, the dog shreds your couch.  That would have been a handy piece of information to know before you brought the dog home.  People have behaviors that are not visible front and center also.  They can be hard to detect.  They can also leave you thinking “that would have been good to know before we offered them the job”.  But you can’t bring people back to the rescue like a dog.  Plus in the moment you also find yourself saying, “I wonder if this is why they left there last job”.

Secondly, understand when you hire a person, what you are really hiring are their hopes and dreams.  A job offer triggers all kinds of excitement, all kinds of anticipation, and all kinds of wonderful thoughts of good things to come.  These are delicate and honorable emotions that deserve to be handled carefully.  Plus you are going to place this new hire on a team, a team with the same hopes and dreams to finally get some help.  You inspire happiness and relief with the new boss and the new team that finally they get some help to meet goals, to reduce stress.  These people are going to tell their loved ones that they finally they get to come home on time for dinner, they can make the kids events on Saturdays, and be happier when they are home because business is covered.  This is life.  Then you start to see behaviors post hire that don’t fit and in six months you are letting your new hire go, and with that crushing the hopes and dreams for everybody.

When you hire a person, you hire a world involving many people.  When you let somebody go, you crush their hopes and dreams, along with the hopes and dreams of a good deal of people in their world.  Isn’t that worth taking the time to give candidates a good normative assessment like Talent Traits® to reveal behaviors that do and do not fit pre-hire.  This is life, and people are worth having hiring professionals recognize this life, these hopes, these dreams.  Assess your candidates to honor life.