Accountability-A Responsible Action

Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that said, “The buck stops here.”  Along with the idea of accepting responsibility goes the concept of accountability.  You are saying to people, “If things go wrong, I’m ultimately the reason why.”  Some people, however, continue to succeed at pointing the blaming finger rather than assuming responsibility for making things better.  It’s easier to say something is not your fault than it is to accept accountability.  With accountability comes action, and with action comes commitment and hard work.

Accountability is often seen as a word with negative consequences  but accountability in the context of teamwork, refers specifically to:

  • the willingness of team members to embrace responsibility
  • the relentless pursuit of team and individual results
  • the willingness to call their peers on performance or behaviors that might hurt the team
  • and ultimately, following through on what you say you will do

Are you willing to take responsibility for every choice, decision, and action without blaming others?  If you are, you are well on the way to inspiring accountability and leadership within your team.